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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  December 19, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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military postures of north and south korea. the white house issued a statement saying, "we are in close touch with our allies in south korea and japan. we remain committed to the stability on the korean peninsula and to the freedom and security of our allies." just about 4:31 now. winter returned over the weekend. it's here in full force -- not full force. we don't have blizzards and snow and all the rest of it. >> there's frost on the ground this morning. >> we have a light dusting of snow from some flurries that came through on late saturday night into parts of sunday too. that's now gone. the sky has cleared out. good morning. we're starting off this monday morning cold. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. there's the live view from our city camera showing the washington monument under a clear sky. right now it's at a cold 31 at reagan national. we've got a south/southwesterly breeze around 5 miles an hour
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mercifully or we'd have windchills down in the teens. generally around the region, temperatures are in the 20s much of the area from the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches. right near the waters, it's around 30. elsewhere, it's low to mid-20s across much of virginia and maryland this morning. we'll be holding steady in the low 20s to mid-20s for the next couple of hours, and then things should be warming up a little bit today. actually a little warmer than average this afternoon. here's what's happening the last 12 hours. we've had the cloud cover clear out and high pressure in place for now. the clouds will begin to increase from the west later today as we get into the afternoon hours. we don't have any precipitation around right now. a sunny morning. clouds on the increase this afternoon. highs reaching around 50 degrees by midafternoon. we'll have your evening planner in about ten minutes at 4:41. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. let's start on i-270.
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there overnight construction slowing you down. as you travel southbound on i-270 around montrose road, they're working on the sign there. you have to stick to the left. actually, stick to the right. construction on the left-hand side. as you make your way towards the spur, it is pretty slow. let's take a look at i-95 in virginia, not seeing any issues north or south. this is the view at fairfax county parkway. you're moving right along. as you head across 395 and connect to duke, you're clear as you make your way to the 14th street bridge in both directions. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. back to you all. this morning drivers coming into downtown washington will cross a new bridge. drivers from interstate 295 can now use the new span to get into the downtown area. this week a second new span will open for outbound drivers. when it happens, drivers will no longer be able to access mlk avenue or good hope avenue from
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295. that will remain the case until a third span opens a year from now. when the bridge project is complete, drivers from the southeast/southwest freeway will be able to get on the northbound lanes of 295 without having to get onto pennsylvania avenue. members of the house have put their vacations on hold to tackle the extension of payroll taxes. the leadership expect to vote on the bill tonight, where it will fail. the senate bill extends the tax holiday for two more months as well as long term unemployment insurance. it also gives president obama more time to decide on the fate of the keystone oil pipeline, but house republicans say it's nothing more than a short term fix. >> two months is just kicking the can down the road. the american people are tired of that. frankly, i'm tired of it. >> house speaker john boehner has suggested the house should vote to call a conference between the house and senate to
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negotiate a plan that would extend the payroll tax cut for a full year instead of just two months. if a deal is not worked out, payroll taxes would go up starting january 1st. a prince george's county family says it has questions after a police officer shot and killed one of their relatives. this happened late on saturday night in the 7500 block of green leaf road. police say an officer was on duty in an unmarked car when he saw a man, 35-year-old rodney edwards, lying on the ground. when the officer approached him, edwards pointed a gun at the officer. edwards' family says they cannot believe he would point a gun at a police officer. >> we want to know why he was shot, what he was doing. even though, why would you shoot somebody so small five times, you know what i'm saying? five times. and then we still can't get an answer to what's going on. >> police tell news 4 they did recover a gun from the scene.
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this is the 15th shooting involving police in prince george's county this year. it's a new record for the county. today the coast guard will resume the search for a missing boater on chesapeake bay. he was last seen when his boat was recovered from sandy point state park. rescuers already pulled two people from the water this weekend. a 25-year-old woman is being treated for hypothermia. she is expected to survive. today the military hearing will resume for the army private accused of giving secrets to wikileaks. yesterday lawyers for bradley manning argued that his supervisor should have seen enough red flags to revoke his access to secret information. they cited at least two instances in which manning flew into violent sets of rage and said he suffered from a gender identity crisis. manning could face life in prison if convicted in a court marti martial. iranian television released
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video of what they're calling an american spy to infiltrate iran's intelligence services. the video identifies the man as amir from arizona. he joined the united states army after graduating from high school in 2001 and served in iraq and received training in languages and espionage. iran has frequently announced the arrest of alleged american informants accused of spying on the nuclear program. the cia has not yet commented on this video. today the man accused of trying to assassinate barack obama will be back in federal court for a detention hearing. on friday a judge ruled oscar ortega hernandez is competent to stand trial without any more mental health evaluations. prosecutors asked for more extensive tests, but the judge denied the request. a preliminary psychiatric screening already found ortega hernandez competent. he is accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house
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last month. president obama was out of town at the time. it was not an elegant win, but the redskins will certainly take it. the burgundy and gold have no shot of making the playoffs, but they can still play a spoiler role. they tried to do that yesterday. it certainly wasn't a pretty game between the washington redskins and the new york giants with five interceptions between the two teams. the skins were up 17-3 in the third quarter when the giants were trying to mount a comeback. eli manning got picked off by deangelo hall. take another look at this amazing one-handed grab. the redskins hold on to win 23-10. they're now 5-9 on the season. next week they're back at home against the minnesota vikings. it was quite a different story are infofor the ravens age san diego chargers. it was close in the second half, but san diego pulled away early in the fourth quarter, scoring to put the chargers up by 17. ravens quarterback joe flacco struggled early and often, throwing for only 226 yards and
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two interceptions. baltimore falls 34-14. they play at home against cleveland next week. back to the redskins. still happy about that win of the that was great. >> it was an enjoyable game to watch. it was nice. not for giants fans, i guess. >> spoil their playoff hopes. ahead on "news 4 today," the maryland site that hopes to be home to a new fbi headquarters. [ female announcer ] at,
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weather and traffic on the ones early on this monday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein in stormcenter 4. under a clear sky, it's very cold this morning, low to mid-20s throughout most of the region. reagan national at 31. near 30 by the bay. elsewhere, low to mid-20s and a clear sky with a nearly calm wind over the last 12 hours. weak high pressure over the window, clearing our sky out. most areas it's a clear start this morning. this high, though, will drift off the atlantic sea board later today, shifting our winds. that will bring increasing clouds as an area of low pressure approaches from the midwest. for the rest of the way, temperatures mid to upper 30s by
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9:00. by noontime, mid and upper 40s. ought to hit near 50 by midafternoon with increasing clouds. a cloudy evening. sunset at 4:49. we'll be down in the low 40s by late evening. a look at the rest of the week into the christmas weekend coming up in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> pretty good so far. if you're traveling along i-270 southbound, still seeing construction slowing you down just a bit right around montrose road. i'll keep watching it for you and let you know. you can see getting a little volume in this area. moving on to the beltway, taking the beltway in prince george's county, right around pennsylvania avenue. inner loop and outer loop clear this time. not seeing any accidents. as you loop around to the beltway in virginia, this is the view at gw parkway. inner loop and outer loop, i'm not seeing any issues at all. i'm back in ten with a look at traffic. >> thanks very much. the time 4:42.
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now to decision 2012. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is expected to pick up another endorsement today. illinois republican senator mark kirk will formally endorse romney. he's the highest ranking republican elected in illinois. illinois will hold its presidential primary on march 20th. other presidential candidates like rick perry and michele bachmann are entering the homestretch in iowa with bus tours. bachmann is on a ten-day bus tour through iowa's 99 counties. she did take time off the campaign trail to talk with
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nbc's david gregory to talk about the nation's debt on "meet the press." >> we're acting like greece and italy, and that's what people are frustrated with. they want us to act like a first world nation, not like what president obama is doing. he's acting like we're a banana republic. we've got to get our stuff together and stop spending money we don't have. >> most republican candidates are doubling their efforts between christmas and new year's when the voters turn out. two proposals expected in virginia governor's bob mcdonnell's budget this morning, a 3% bonus for state workers. the governor also wants to boost higher education spending by $230 million. and give the state's underfunded pension system a $2.2 billion infusion. however, it's unclear whether he'll, again, push employees to contribute to their own pensions. maryland governor martin o'malley will be touting his
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plan for sustainable growth today. the long range plan known as plan maryland commits the state's financial resources to building up areas that are already developed while trying to leave rural areas rural. however, the proposal already faces opposition from local leaders in some rural areas who claim it prevents them from making development decisions on a local level. today three virginia residents will appear in court accused of trying to base jump from a television antenna tower. it happened last thursday night in arlington. five people climbed the weta tower, and one woman jumped off before police were called. the woman got stuck in a tree and suffered serious injuries. all five were charged with trespassing there. there's no word still on the condition of the woman injured. the fbi apparently needs new headquarters. officials in maryland hope the agency will move to prince george's county. the maryland senator ben cardin has been working behind the scenes to try to make that happen. virginia and the district are
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also expected to try to compete for a new location for the fbi. the agency has been based at the j. edgar hoover building in washington for the past 37 years. it's looking for an updated building to carry out its counterterrorism and cyber crime divisi divisions. the estimated cost is $1.2 billion and be completed in 2020. today the national zoo will announce a major gift to fund the giant panda program for 20 more years. fi ldavid rubenstein agreed to pay $2.5 million to keep the pandas here. the agreement with china stipulated one or both pandas could be traded for others if they could not breed.
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tebow-mania is sweeping the nation, and two high school students are paying the price. they were accused of tebow-ing, which is imitating the quarterback's pose kneeling and praying. they organized several kneel-downs. it created a potential safety hazard. tebow commented on the incident and said, while it is funny, it's important to respect authority. you might expect runaway cattle in texas, but not a runaway golf cart. this was the scene at cowboys stadium right after a high school football game. you can see the electric cart didn't have a driver. it was motoring itself down the field. for some reason the cart took off suddenly from the end zone plowing into a cluster of people at midfield. several people were injured, including the winning high school football coach. it's unclear what caused that cart to malfunction. we have a traffic alert for you this morning. expect some slow going in northeast washington if you travel along benning road.
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ddot is beginning the final phase of construction work in the center of the street. that's between 39th and 42nd streets northeast. crews will be stripping the road's surface so it can be repaved. traffic is going to move single file along the sidewalks on both sides. ddot hopes to have the project finished by mid-february. another potential problems for drivers is broad branch road in northwest washington. they're closing it between ridge road and brandywine northwest to repair a culvert that collapsed over soap stone creek. the repairs are supposed to take 30 to 45 days. only local traffic will be able to use broad branch road. bus drivers will notice new and improved buses there. today county leaders will celebrate the purchase of a dozen new environmentally friendly buses for its ride-on transit fleet. the county bought 12 hybrid
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electric diesel buses and 1 clean diesel bus using $55 million in federal funds from the american reinvestment and recovery act. the death toll continues to rise after a devastating storm slammed the philippines this weekend. right now more than 700 people were killed when the tropical storm washi blew through the southern part of that country. the storm caused massive floods and mud slides. around 45,000 people have been displaceded. secretary of state hillary clinton released a statement saying the u.s. government is ready to help. today d.c. residents can hear firsthand about the city's snow removal plans for the winter. department of public works director william holland will testify at a roundtable meeting at the district council chalberchalber chambers. last year was a tough one. public works officials were criticized for not removing the snow quickly enough much the . b
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the public meeting is set to begin at 11:00 this morning. >> those hoping for a white christmas probably are going to be disappointed. >> is it okay to look now? okay, thank you. it is so weird to think we've had winters like that when we've had this so-called early winter not acting much like winter. we did get a few flakes falling and does not look like a chance for a white christmas this coming weekend. certainly it's cold. feeling like winter on this monday morning. right now at reagan national it's at 31 degrees under a clear sky. a very light south/southwesterly breeze. right now as we look around the region, our temperatures are down into the low 20s throughout much of the region. from the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches, including shenandoah valley, the blue ridge region, virginia, maryland, fairfax, prince george's counties. mid-30 in washington, right near the bay as well as northern neck and eastern shore. away from the waters, it's only in the 20s there.
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over the last 12 hours we've had cloudiness in and out. it did obscure the international space station over extreme northern virginia. now we're all clear. we've got high pressure over the region. sunrise at 7:22. a sunny morning by 9:00, ought to be above freezing. noontime, mid-40s. ought to get up around 50 by midafternoon with increasing clouds. sunset at 4:49. down in the low 40s by midnight. then during the day tomorrow. starting off tomorrow, cloudy, in the mid-30s, afternoon highs in the 40s. a small chance of sprinkles tomorrow. a likelihood of rain on y and m. then on thursday, partly sunny. late thursday night into friday morning could get some rain. saturday on christmas eve and m eve. it will be on christmas day looking like some sunshine coming back, highs 40s. danella, how's traffic? right now if you're
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traveling along route 50, we'll take the ride together. not seeing any issues for you. traveling east and west to 50, you're in the clear. we'll take a live look at 3/301. volume is light on 50. not seeing any issues as you connect to the beltway. traveling on 66, this is the scene at fairfax county parkway. that's eastbound traffic traveling away from you. you're at 64 miles per hour, not so bad, looking good both inside and outside the beltway on 66. now back to you both. >> thank you very much, danella. just six minutes away from the start of the 5:00 hour. coming up, just how many of us are likely procrastinating on that holiday shopping.
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welcome back. this is the final chance for holiday shopping before christmas. many people have turned to the internet for shopping. it's expected to slow down a bit. comscore found online sales up 15% this year compared with last
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year. shoppers spent $30.9 billion online, and that's up $3 billion from the same time last year. online sales surpassed 1 billion on four days last week. holiday procrastinators, you can find some great bargains before christmas. reports 41% of consumers will shop between tomorrow and christmas eve. 43% believe they will find the best discounts. the stores could lower their prices right before christmas. >> if you can get into the stores. it was a zoo. it was mission aborted this weekend. there was no way i could get into the mall parking lot. >> you just left? >> we just left. >> turned around and walked out. >> i'm going to have to pay for shipping online for all my gifts. >> life is tough. >> it is. they say it's better to give than to receive. >> but if you're one of the many who received a horrible gift, you're not a fan of that saying. a new report by consumer reports says there's a 20% chance you're
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going to hate the gift you get this year. that gift comes most often from their in-laws. what do you do with it? the most popular choice is to donate it. however, many admit to regifting or throwing the thing away. >> i would say, if you're in the business of hating or despising things this season, you're missing the point. your child's toys will be much safer than in years past. new guidelines to ensure lower levels of lead and cadmium in toys. as of january 1st, all children's products will have to go through independent third party testing. the most stringent tests came from many products being recalled for high levels of lead. stay with us now. "news 4 today" will continue at 5:00 a.m.


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